today is an x.y.u. day

jump, pogo, wave the arm, shout along with the song. TAT TAT! KABOOM BOOM! Now take THAT! And just a bit of THIS! feel­ing  every word, may­be even under­stand some and then lose that com­pre­hen­sion is a bliss. while danc­ing, live the moment of rage, feel the fine line between san­i­ty and insan­i­ty, in memo­ri­am of hap­pi­ness and sad­ness, the good things in life and all that suxx. rage it out until your body falls down to the floor. exhaust­ed and emp­ty.

and then, have some fine cham­pag­ne in a beau­ti­ful glass. and feel the beau­ty of life while the bub­bles and flu­id play­ful­ly caress your tongue and then slow­ly flow down your thoat. enjoy. life. live. life.